David Bowie’s Son Duncan Jones Marries the Day Girlfriend Gets Cancer Diagnosis

“Life is fragile,” Duncan explains in a series of very touching tweets

Duncan Jones, David Bowie’s son, has married longtime girlfriend Rodene Ronquillo on the same day she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2, he reveals on his Twitter page.

The filmmaker used the weekend to catch up with his fans and followers on the social networking site, letting them know what a hectic month November had been for him and Rodene Ronquillo, his gorgeous girlfriend.

November was Elections month, he wrote but, at the same time, it was also the month they found out Ro had stage 2 breast cancer.

They were cuddling in bed when they found a lump in Ro’s breast, Duncan says. The next day (it was a Sunday), they went to the doctor and had it biopsied. Two days later, they heard back from the doctor, who confirmed their worst fears.

However, instead of letting it turn into a tragedy, they decided to make the day memorable for another reason.

“We were a little overwhelmed by the news: cancer & Election Day, so decided to make it a set, ran down to the courthouse & got married!” Duncan writes.

“So cancer, election, marriage. All on one day! Two days later, Ro was in surgery. Surgery went really well. Did what we had to do, & were put on a fast track to getting ready for chemo. Starts this coming Tuesday,” he says.

However, the point of sharing this story with people on Twitter is that he wants them to understand the importance of getting a regular checkup.

“I love my wife more than anyone. She's young as can be. Women are getting breast cancer younger & younger. Women? check yourselves! ..& men? Touch up your loved ones. You may save the life of the person you love,” he says by way of advice.

Attached to the article is the photo Duncan and Ro end their message with: it shows the two looking into the camera, while Duncan is placing a kiss on Ro’s head.

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