Daughter Is Granted Restraining Order Against Stalking Parents

Her parents installed spying software on her laptop and cellphone

Aubrey Ireland, a student at the University of Cincinnati, has been granted a restraining order against her parents.

According to Cincinnati News, Common Pleas Court Judge Jody Luebbers put out the stalking order against the girl's parents, who live in Leawood, Kansas.

It appears they often visited their daughter, Aubrey Ireland, at university, making claims about her using drugs, being promiscuous and suffering from mental problems. The latter issue was presented to the department head at her college.

“It’s just been really embarrassing and upsetting to have my parents come to my university when I’m a grown adult and just basically slander my name and follow me around,” Ireland says.

In court, the couple tried to prove their claims by admitting to installing spying software on her laptop and cellphone. Their daughter describes it felt “like I was a dog with a collar on.”

An honor student, Aubrey was awarded scholarships at other universities in the country; yet, her parents supported her by offering to pay for tuition, so that she can pursue her musical studies.

However, their claims about her engaging in risky behavior became too much to bear, and the school was forced to hire security guards to keep them at bay.

When she filed for a restraining order, they threatened to cease payments of Aubrey's tuition; nonetheless, the university board stepped in and offered her a full scholarship.

An intervention followed, with a councilor pointing out that the parents were, in fact, those who needed to seek professional help. They responded by picturing their daughter as a “a good actor,” and telling the councilor she was lying.

They are currently barred from getting anywhere closer than 500 feet (152 m) from Aubrey, until September 23, 2013.

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