Datawind Intros the ARM Powered UbiSurfer9 Smartbook

If you think that you have seen more than you share fair of netbook by now, wait until you lay your eyes on this low power (in more ways than one) Datawind creation, the UbiSurfer9 being one of those ARM powered smartbooks that first started to pop up in early 2009.

Powered by an ARM processor this device comes as pretty low end portable computing solution, Datawind adding an extra two inches to the screen compared to their previously released UbiSurfer7 while retained pretty much the same hardware configuration that relies on an ARM processor as well as an unimpressive 128MB of RAM and 1GB of storage (expandable via a SD slot).

In case that you wonder how does the UbiSurfer9 manages to go by with such low system specs, the answer lies in the operating system used, Datawind's offering coming with Windows CE pre-installed.

However, the most important thing to note about the UbiSurfer9 is its connectivity options since this is actually built for Internet surfing, apart from WiFi this also coming in with an embedded GPRS wireless modem and a special data plan that brings 30 hours of surfing each month free of charge for the first year you own the product thanks to a Vodafone UK SIM.

After the first year passes by, the same plan is available for £29.99 per year, an unlimited traffic subscription being available for an additional £5.99 a month.

"We continue to see strong demand for low cost, connected netbooks. While many new products and form factors move towards higher costs, the need continues to grow for low cost devices that deliver web access at affordable rates,” said Suneet S. Tuli, CEO of Datawind

"Studies show that one in four adults in the UK have never used the Internet.

We strive to help lower the cost of Internet access, while making the process even simpler," concluded the company's CEO.

As you probably guesses by now, this device will be available in the UK for now, the Datawind UbiSurfer9 coming to the Ideal TV home shopping channel this weekend, priced at £149.99. (via pocket-lint)

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