Darksiders Arrives on PC With Special Digital Distribution Deals

Darksiders, one of the more popular action adventure titles from the beginning of the year, is making its way onto the PC platform through multiple digital distribution networks, each offering a free game with a pre-order of Darksiders for the PC.

As you can imagine, the free games are also from the THQ publishing portfolio, and were designed to make gamers experience more of the company's titles.

Darksiders for the PC will be officially released today, September 23, at 12.01 am EST, through a variety of digital distribution networks including the ever so popular Steam, Direct2Drive and Gametap.

Travis Plane, Vice President of Global Brand Management commented, “THQ is dedicated to delivering great product to the PC gaming audience so Vigil Games has pulled out all the stops to make this title every bit as satisfying as its console counterpart. We hope the PC audience enjoys battling the forces of heaven and hell in this great game.”

If you opt to pre-order Darksiders for the PC via Steam, you will get a free copy of Titan Quest: Gold Edition.

Those that want a bit more destruction with their Darksiders PC version can opt to pre-order with Direct2Drive, which packs in a free copy of Red Faction Guerilla.

Last but not least, Gametap is offering customers who are interested in buying the RPG a free copy of Company of Heroes.

Darksiders is an action adventure game, with RPG elements, that was released at the beginning of the year for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms.

The game placed players in control of War, one of the three horsemen of the Apocalypse, who needs to travel through intricate levels, battle enemies and restore balance to the world.

For the PC version, Darksiders developer Vigil Games has completely reworked the control scheme to facilitate the mouse and keyboard layout, and has also polished up the visuals for computers with a better configuration.

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