Dark Souls 2 on PC Affected by Many Issues, Bandai Namco Offers Temporary Solutions

The game is out on PC via Steam, and many problems have already appeared

Dark Souls 2 has just been released for the PC, and already quite a few different issues are affecting the role-playing game on that platform, although publisher Bandai Namco is offering temporary solutions for some of them.

Dark Souls 2 came out last month for the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles and is rolling out today, April 25, for the PC platform via digital outlets, like Steam, and retail stores around the world except in the UK, where it was delayed for another week.

Unfortunately, the RPG on PC is already affected by quite a few different problems, from crashes to unrecognized controllers and other such things.

In order to ensure that players are aware of these problems and can try out some temporary solutions, Bandai Namco has made a thread on the game's Steam forums, confirming that it's aware of many current glitches and is working on permanent solutions.

First and foremost, there are quite a lot of reports of game crashes at startup, and the publisher has confirmed that solutions for them are a priority right now. Possible workarounds have been uncovered, so check them out below.

- On AMD video cards, go to control centre. under Properties (Digital flat-panel) and enabling GPU scaling. Apply and start game.

- Select Dark Souls 2 in Steam. Unplug your HDMI/DVI Cable. Hit Enter (this will start the game). Plug it back in. Using this workaround the game is locked to windowed mode 720p. Some people have reported not having sound using this workaround.

Players who received Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) bans in the past are currently unable to access the online features of Dark Souls 2 and the publisher has revealed that it's working to solve this bug.

Dark Souls 2 on PC is also not able to recognize or acknowledge input from certain controllers, and the publisher has posted a temporary workaround.

- Open up Device Manager and under Human Interface Devices, right click and disable all HID-compliant game controllers, and if you have a G13 disable the Logitch G13 Joystick. Restart the game and it should work. You may also need to disable any virtual HID-compliant game controllers as well.

In other cases, the game has problems with keyboard and mouse controls, but no workarounds are available just yet.

Last but not least, Bandai Namco has also revealed that users who pre-ordered the game and are looking for their bonuses should go to their Steam folder and navigate to SteamApps\common\Dark Souls II\DARK SOULS™Ⅱ- DIGITAL EXTRAS.

As of yet, it's unclear when solutions to these problems will appear, so look forward to more details soon enough.

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