Dark Souls 2 Focuses on Concept of Time

The game will be like South Pole when compared to original

Dark Souls 2 might have just been announced, but the team working on the game at From Software is eager to set expectations for the sequel, explaining that the core of the experience will be the same but that elements of the title might see significant changes.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of the first Dark Souls title, tells Famitsu that, “Outside of that core, though, I think it’s better to leave things to the discretion of the director. There’s a lot around that core that we need to fix or adjust, besides, and individual touches always tend to come out in the world setting and artwork, so I’m not meddling in that very much.”

The From Software team has already admitted that Dark Souls 2 can be described as a sequel, although it has been vague about the details of the narrative.

Tomohiro Shibuya, the new director, added, “if the first game was set in the North Pole, this one would be in the South Pole; that sort of contrast. ‘Time’ is one of the central keywords we’re keeping in mind as we create this. I can’t give concrete details about this yet, so hopefully you’ll be able to use your imagination for now.”

Dark Souls 2 was revealed via a trailer during the VGA 2012 ceremony and the team says that more information will be offered in the coming months, but that some core elements of the story and gameplay will only be clear once the game is launched.

The new From Software game is set to appear on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 and will probably be launched during the early part of 2014.

Both the original Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls have been praised for their uncompromising approach to the action role-playing genre and the punishing difficulty level.

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