Danish Store Lists 6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Graphics Card

Online retailer Proshop reveals the full name and the large price

We have already suspected, as has everyone else, that the GK110-based consumer graphics card from NVIDIA would be very expensive, but now we know just how much it will sell for.

The price might go down once the official announcement is made, but right now, the tag is of 5,820.80 Danish Krone (US $1,046 / 780-1,046 Euro).

With taxes added on top of that, the price becomes 7,276 DKK ($1,307 / 900 Euro).

Danish retailer Proshop is the one that has exposed this information, as well as the full name of the video board: GeForce GTX Titan. It is an ASUS-branded version. The page seems to have been taken down though.

Since the GeForce GTX 690 costs around $1,000, it would suggest that the Titan, even with a single GPU instead of two, is either as strong or stronger than it. The implication definitely fits previous reports on the matter.

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