Danish National Police Says Hackers Infiltrated Identity Register

The attackers might have stolen and modified records

Last week, Denmark’s national police revealed that, in the summer of 2012, hackers might have stolen and modified information from the police driving license register, including the personal identity number register (CPR).

Politiken.dk reports that the hackers retrieved CPR information, and details of individuals wanted by authorities in the Schengen area.

In addition, between April and August 2012, hackers may have accessed data from the Modernization Agency and the Tax Authority.

The incidents are currently being investigated but two suspects have already been identified. One of them is a Danish man, and the other one is an individual from Sweden who’s currently being detained in Sweden.

Danish authorities have requested the latter’s extradition.

“This has been a serious breach of the IT security that there must be in connection with police registers,” National Police Commissioner Jens Henrik Højberg stated.

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