Danish Engineers Create Emotionally Manipulative Glasses

No more than 30 minutes to fight cold season melancholy

Created by three Danish mechanical engineers with the financial support of social funding website Kickstarter, the new, innovative glasses are thought as a mandatory accessory for the gloomy season about to start.

The construction consists of 6 LEDs which generate the light and a curved reflector device meant to direct it to the wearers' eyes.

The device was developed in an attempt to fight the sadness, melancholy and even the depression that come along with the cold season, reports Daily Mail.

It is said that only 30 minutes of wearing the glasses should be enough to make one's day brighter.

All the stated advantages considered, nothing should prevent us from getting one pair of these amazing cheering up glasses. There is one thing though: their out of the ordinary design.

“However, if you feel like Lady Gaga while wearing the glasses, that’s just a sign that you’re really lightening your mood,” the makers declare.

And they might be right. What is a touch of alien look compared to a whole autumn day of happiness?

The glasses are already available on Amazon.

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