Danielle Lloyd Not an Innocent Victim in Bloody Attack

Eyewitness says she picked the fight, almost injured herself

Disgraced Miss Great Britain 2006, now relatively successful glamour model and WAG, Danielle Lloyd was involved in a very violent altercation at a London club at the beginning of the week. Although the star’s publicist has maintained ever since the attack was completely unprovoked, sources are now telling HolyMoly that Lloyd is only posing as the innocent victim when, in fact, she caused the entire thing.

The publication got to speak with someone who was reportedly inside club Crystal when the violent brawl took place and that ended with Lloyd lying on the pavement literally covered in blood from a wound on her leg. The eyewitness vouches things went down completely different from the picture Lloyd’s publicist is painting in the media, since it was her who picked on a girl who had accidentally grabbed her hair, but who had apologized in the meanwhile.

As for being thrown onto a table of drinks as her publicist said she was (which caused most of her injuries and almost cost her her leg), that never happened either, since it was Danielle herself who fell after getting up there to dance and push around the girl mentioned above. “Not sure what the other girl said but Danielle was shouting right in her face with her hands in the air. Then as the girl turned her back, Danielle grabbed her hair and they all came tumbling down onto the glass table below. There was a massive scuffle/fight on the floor with a few of the girls getting stuck in until the bouncers decided to get involved. I have to admit there was so much blood one of my mates felt faint. Danielle had a massive cut on her leg which was gushing out so they had to lay her down with it elevated until her guy decided to carry her out.” the eyewitness says for the publication.

The two girls who allegedly attacked Danielle have already been charged with inflicting great bodily harm and bailed until June – which is why the eyewitness is speaking out now since the possibility of them being sentenced for something they did not do seems pretty high. Nevertheless, Lloyd’s publicist insists that it was the two women who came after the glamour model although she had not done anything to them, punched her around and took her and threw her onto a table with drinks.

Granted, the theory that Lloyd might not be as innocent as she claims she is has been circulating in the media as early as yesterday. While no outlet is saying what the eyewitness claims here, speculation that she might have had a hand in this is running rampant, especially since this is her second incident of this kind in less than a month, and she has a long history of getting beaten up in pubs and bars by people she does not provoke.


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