Daniel Radcliffe Cuts Guy's Hair on Jimmy Kimmel – Video

The actor would better not quit his day job just yet, judging by the results

Some actors possess hidden talents apart from creating believing characters on screen, and people are always interested to see that those they look up to have other things that they do well apart from acting. It seems that Daniel Radcliffe is a man of many talents, but a barber he is not.

The British actor came out to Jimmy Kimmel's talk show and he somehow got coaxed into cutting a random guy's hair. Incredibly, Kimmel also managed to coax a random guy to let his hair be cut off by Daniel, despite the fact that the “Harry Potter” actor confessed to zero previous experience.

Luckily for both of them, the haircut in question wasn't anything fancy, it was just a regular, army regulation buzzcut. There are really not many things you can do wrong on a buzzcut. Except maybe take the guy's ear off with the buzzer.

Both of them seemed to be real sports about it, especially since the entire incident took place out on the street, in front of the studio, with passers-by watching. The “victim” seemed to be more than happy to let his locks be sacrificed by the “Harry Potter” actor.

The entire hair-cutting incident took under three minutes, but it was spiced up by funny comments from Jimmy Kimmel, who couldn't help but feel pity for the man sitting in the barber's chair.

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