Danica Patrick Announces Divorce on Facebook

The breakup is amicable, NASCAR driver tells her fans

If you’re a celebrity, it’s best to always try and be one step ahead of everyone else and particularly ahead of the tabloid media. NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is doing just that by announcing her divorce on Facebook.

These days, thanks to social media, not few celebrities are using it instead of making announcements the “traditional” way, that is, by issuing a press release through their publicist.

On her Facebook wall, Danica announces that she and husband of 7 years Paul Hospenthal have decided to end their marriage.

She says it’s in the most amicable manner possible, but refuses to offer other details about the events leading up to the decision. Considering how popular she is, no doubt more info will be emerging in the following days.

“I am sad to inform my fans that after 7 years, Paul and I have decided to amicably end our marriage,” Danica writes.

“This isn't easy for either of us, but mutually it has come to this. He has been an important person and friend in my life and that's how we will remain moving forward,” the NASCAR driver adds.

Danica and Paul, who works as a physical therapist, met when she went to him for treatment on a non-driving related injury. They hit it off immediately and started seeing each other in a non-professional capacity.

They were married in 2005 and, unlike other celebrity couples (Lewis Hamilton and his Pussycat Doll girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger come to mind), they rarely made headlines for their personal life even though she’s incredibly popular.

Besides going a long way to show that privacy can be had even when you’re a celebrity and you’re in the spotlight a lot, this also speaks volumes for the way these two conducted their personal affairs.

As noted above, more details are likely to emerge in the following days – if they do, rest assured you’ll find out about them here.

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