Dangerous High School Girls Ready to Be Bad

Naughty game for teens who learn what games adults play

You have probably never heard about this game which comes with such a long title: Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! You might want to know more if you find out that this games' motto is: "This is the game where good girls get better by being bad". Also, it is the winner of the "Innovate '07" award from the gaming industry. So it must be up to something really nice.

First of all, it is a casual game that brings a totally new (at least for me) concept: casual RPG. And not any RPG, since it will have no bloody battles, no monsters or such. Instead, it comes as a literary, social satire that brings new combat systems such as Taunt, Fib, Flirt, Expose Secrets, and Gambit... whatever these things mean. But, I repeat, since it won the Innovative '07 prize, it is something you should try - and you can by downloading the demo that is available at the bottom of the page.

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! Comes with the story of a 1920s town in the USA where wily young girls, steadfast boys, and small-minded adults live together in peace and harmony. Or at least something like that. Your goal will be to fight against the oppressive adults with your party of high school girls and, since you will be a girl - win, use, and discard a dozen of boyfriends along the way (or keep some around for pleasure). Erm... I think I should really try this, then, right?

The game is developed by Mousechief and planned for a March 2008 release, featuring at least 20 hours of naughty gameplay, dozens of items and characters, 13 good-looking 1920s boys to win and have fun with and, since we're here - learn what "games" adults play in private and use that against them. A twisted little game, if you are to ask me, and it's only rated T for Teen using the T.I.G.R.S. rating system.

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