Dancer Sues Demi Lovato for Assault, Battery and Mental Stress

Demi Lovato, now seeking help in a specialized treatment facility, is being sued by a backup dancer over an altercation that took place before she went to rehab and that cost the dancer a trip to the doctor and lots of mental stress.

We also informed you earlier this week that photos taken days after Lovato lashed out at Alex Welch, the dancer, had emerged online, together with reports that she was considering suing.

Shortly afterwards, Demi’s father spoke to the media, urging Welch not to pursue legal action against his daughter because she didn’t stand a chance, she’d lose.

Radar Online has now learned that Welch was dead serious about her intent of seeking damages for the injuries sustained, and that she’ll file the papers in court next week.

“The dancer Demi Lovato allegedly punched in the face is seeking medical treatment from a plastic surgeon and is taking action against the Disney star in a lawsuit which will be filed next week, Radar Online has learned exclusively,” the e-zine writes.

“Alex Welch’s high-powered attorney, Donald Karpel, says that the injuries his client sustained warranted emergency medical care and further consultation from a cosmetic surgeon. Karpel also says Welch intends to take Lovato to court,” Radar further says.

The attorney hasn’t yet mentioned the amount they’re looking to get from Lovato but one may as well assume they’re hoping they can have Welch’s medical expenses covered at least.

“We will be filing a lawsuit next week. We will be seeking punitive damages for assault, battery and for mental stress,” Karpel confirms for Radar.

Judging g from what Welch herself said in another recent interview, she’s also hoping to get a proper apology from Demi because, to this day, she hasn’t gotten yet.

“To this day, I haven’t gotten an apology. I’ve heard nothing. That’s sad if you think that person is your friend,” Welch is quoted as saying.

As we also informed you on a previous occasion, it’s not known what started the spat between the two but reports have it they were on a private jet, when Demi jumped out of her seat and went and punched Alex in the face.

She was hit with such a force she was reportedly sent flying from her seat and required emergency medical assistance on the spot. Lovato was escorted off the flight and, a couple of days letter, went to rehab.

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