Danamics to Soon Launch LM10 Liquid Metal Cooler

The LM10 cooling system generates no noise or vibration and has low power needs

Danamics announced that it plans to release the liquid metal cooler LM10 on November 17t. The ready-to-come device uses liquid metal to cool down the processor. The heart of the cooler is an electromagnetic pump that moves the metal around. The pump needs very little power to work and generates no noise. The new LM10 can provide the same heat dissipation capabilities as water cooling does, which means better performance than air cooling solutions.

According to the company, the liquid metal has superior thermo physical characteristics, while the electromagnetic pump features a uniquely patent pending multi-string design. When describing the pump, Danamics says that it generates no noise or vibrations, and has no moving parts. The company also ensures customers that the pump “has unlimited MTBF and suffers no performance degrading over time”.

Similar electromagnetic pumps are used on spacecrafts and satellites, on nuclear-driven surface warships and submarine, as well as in land based nuclear reactors and industrial applications. While these products are usually limited by great power requirements, the company managed to lower the energy usage to a minimum, and also reduced the size of the pump so as to fit in small applications like home computers, workstations and even laptops.

Another key component of the Danamics' cooling system is the liquid metal. It features superior thermo physical properties which allow it to efficiently decrease temperature on die and across chips. The metal also has electromagnetic properties offering the possibility of an “efficient, reliable and ultra compact electromagnetic pumping without the use of moving parts, shafts, seals”.

The company did not unveil the pricing for the new LM10 cooler, but it expects it to compete quite well against best air coolers as well as water cooling solutions. According to the maker, its liquid metal cooling system can offer the ultimate performance as it provides the lowest thermal resistance in the world. Also, the cooler can be easily installed on a computer since it is an all-in-one solution. This innovative device will be available starting November 17th on the European market.

More information on the cooling system and the technology used can be found on the Danamics site.

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