“Dallas” Actor Jack Scalia Hit with 2 Weapons Charges After LAX Bust

Star had an unloaded gun in his carry-on, claimed he didn’t know how it’d gotten there

Actor Jack Scalia, known mostly for his TV work, including a recurring role on the original “Dallas,” has just been hit with 2 weapons charges stemming from an October bust at LAX airport in Los Angeles.

TMZ reports that the star has been charged with two counts: carrying a concealed firearm and taking a prohibited weapon through the sterile area at the airport.

Both counts are misdemeanors but, if found guilty, the star could get up to one and a half years in jail and a fine of $2,000 (€1,516).

“Scalia was busted at LAX in October when TSA agents found an unloaded 9mm Glock and a novelty police badge in his bag. He claimed the badge was a gift from Rudy Giuliani. As for the gun, Scalia said he had no clue how it got in there,” TMZ writes.

Even though he’s been officially charged, Scalia’s publicist Steve Jaffe insists the whole thing was a misunderstanding, that will hopefully be cleared in due time.

If anything, Jaffe says, Scalia would never do something as stupid as bringing a gun on purpose in his carry-on at an international airport.

“Everyone knows Jack's a very bright guy and would never intentionally do such a thing. It was clearly a mistake and it's filed as a misdemeanor. I'm sure it will get worked out,” Jaffe explains in a statement to the aforementioned media outlet.

The actor is yet to say anything concerning the incident, except through his publicist, who maintains he’s innocent of any wrongdoing.

At the time Scalia was busted, his bail was set at $10,000 (€7,584), which he made within hours of being arrested.

The Daily Mail notes that this is not the first time that Scalia ends up on the wrong side of the law, though it’s the first incident of this kind.

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