Dakota Fanning Defends Banned Ad for Marc Jacobs Perfume

19-year-old actress talks fashion, fame and how people love to stir up controversy

About two years ago, Dakota Fanning became the face of a new fragrance from Marc Jacobs called Oh, Lola!. The first print ad for it caused quite a controversy, but Fanning is talking about it just now, in the latest issue of Glamour magazine.

As we also reported at the time, partly because the perfume was inspired by Nabokov’s Lolita character and partly because of Fanning’s posture and styling, the ad caused quite a ruckus online, with many branding it simply “wrong.”

Whoever did that is a creep, most likely, the 19-year-old actress says for the aforementioned publication.

The ad was banned in the UK shortly after it came out, and the decision shocked Dakota, she reveals.

“Yeah, I was! If you want to read something into a perfume bottle, then I guess you can. But it’s also like, Why are you making it about that, you creep? I love Marc and trust him, and we just laughed about it,” the actress says.

In the same interview, she also talks about her younger sister Elle, their common love of fashion and how she could never imagine herself crossing over to become a designer, though she doesn’t rule it out sometime in the distant future.

“I don’t think so. I mean, I won’t rule it out, because then one day I’ll be like, ‘I said that in Glamour in 2013, and here I am now [with my own line].’ But when you know designers and see the work that they put into making their collection, and how much passion they have for that – I think that’s so amazing,” Dakota says.

“And I don’t have the passion to design clothes. It’s nice to be able to grow up and know what you want to do… I’m reminded of that every time I make a film,” she adds.

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