DROID X Plagued by Display and Privacy Issues

Shows deleted text messages and call logs

Last week, mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless launched a new high-end Android-based device on its airwaves, the DROID X by Motorola, which already proved one of the most popular handsets in the DROID family. However, although it is as appealing as it can be, the DROID X seems to have a dark side too, at least this is what some early adopters started to report.

One of the main issues with the DROID X is related to the handset's touchscreen display. To be more precise, it is a graphical issue, which some suggest that might be caused by electrical problems with the large display DROID X comes to the market with. The first two videos embedded at the bottom of this article are meant to show some of these issues, while the third one would bring to the table another problem with the phone, regarding the privacy of text and call logs.

Among the symptoms users are reporting regarding the screen issues with the DROID X, we can count rapid flickering and vertical banding over most of the 4.3-inch display, if not over the entire screen. It seems that entire batches of DROID X units might have been affected by these problems, though not all handsets would arrive on shelves flawed. Some of the affected users say they already received replacements, Engadget reports.

As for the aforementioned privacy issues, it seems they are related with the text messages and call logs history on the handset, which are still being displayed after deletion. However, it seems that a phone wipe would eliminate the logs, though a simple deletion would have no effect on them, as BGR notes in a recent post. However, this issue is related to the software on DROID X, namely with the BLUR interface Motorola packed on it, and would certainly be fixed in the near future via a software update, though no info emerged on whether the carrier or Motorola plan on releasing a patch.


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