DROID Incredible Now Bundled with 2GB MicroSD

Ships only by 6/16

When it rains it pours and when it comes to reports on Verizon Wireless' latest Android-based device, the DROID Incredible, news on its shipping date being pushed further and further just keep on coming. The carrier has had issues with providing enough DROID Incredible units to its customers right from the beginning, and it seems that things are not going better one month after the launch either.

Those who will head over to the carrier's website now to order a DROID Incredible by HTC won't receive their device before June 16 is here, at least this is what the carrier's order page states. Undoubtedly, the phone has registered high demand, yet there are great chances that those component stock issues we reported on previously to be the actual reason for such a long delay.

On the bright side, we learn that, following a short period of unavailability on Verizon's website, the DROID Incredible emerged back with a 2GB microSD card included in the package. The phone comes with 8GB of internal memory, yet users reported issues with some applications that required a microSD card to be installed and which failed to run on Incredible as it didn't come to the market with one included.

However, those who managed to get their DROID Incredible units have not reported major issues with the device yet, which means that the handset might indeed deserve the name its maker gave to it. Powered by Google's Android 2.1 operating system, the phone is expected to receive an upgrade to the new Android 2.2 Froyo platform too, which means that when that happens, it should prove even more appealing than before.

Hopefully, Verizon and HTC will be able to address the DROD Incredible stock issues sooner rather than later, offering more users the possibility to enjoy the high-end features of the device, even if no official announcement on when things are brought to normal have emerged until now.

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