DROID Incredible 2 Spotted in Verizon's System

Mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless might bring to the market in the near future a successor to the highly popular DROID Incredible smartphone, and some info on this already started to emerge.

Apparently, the said possible successor to the DROID Incredible already made an appearance in the carrier's system, which suggests that it might not be too long before the carrier makes an official announcement on the matter.

According to a recent article on Engadget, a device dubbed HTC ADR6350 was spotted in Verizon's internal system, and this might be the aforementioned smartphone.

Moreover, an HTC63503 device can be seen in another shot of the carrier's system, one that has the “INCRD2” description next to it.

When putting the two together, it becomes rather clear that a new smartphone, running under Android, and related to the already available DROID Incredible by HTC device on Verizon Wireless' network, might become available for purchase in the not-too-distant feature at the carrier.

Not to mention that the said listing emerged a few weeks after HTC made official at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a new Android-based smartphone called Incredible S, which should be launched soon on the European market.

Of course, nothing was officially confirmed on this as of yet, and it might take some time before Verizon and HTC make the move, but things seem to have been already carved in stone.

Specific information on the exact release date for the new DROID Incredible 2, as well as on the price tag it might feature at the wireless carrier lacks at the moment.

For those out of the loop, we should note that the HTC Incredible S phone was already made available for purchase in the UK, via retailers Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy, and that those who pre-ordered it during the past few days should receive it as soon as today.


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