DRAM and Display Industries Expected to Rebound

Whether this is wishful thinking or not remains to be determined

The display industry hasn't been doing badly for as long as that of random access memory, but they seem to have gotten classed together anyway.

A report from Digitimes says that both market segments are likely to rebound this year.

The memory segment, having little room to go any lower, can't exactly go any other way but up at this point.

The decrease in the number of DRAM suppliers has balanced supply and demand somewhat too.

As for TVs, they may get better if new smart TVs sell well. Smart TVs are becoming popular and they don't cost too much more compared to normal ones, not anymore at least.

Higher-resolution TVs are going to get heavily promoted as well, and while they may not sell in huge numbers, they will make the “normal” TVs seem more convenient by comparison, even if they aren’t the cheapest they could be.

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