DRAM Memory Prices Rose in Early December

They only edged up a slight bit, but that still shows a possible rebound

Since memory makers decided to tightly control the amounts of memory chips exiting their manufacturing plants, the constant decline in prices has ebbed until it went away completely.

This month (December 2012), contract prices, on average, went up by a definite amount. The trend started earlier now continues.

Since the first quarter of every year is usually a slow season, and winter holidays prompt higher sales in every marketing field, there is a high chance of this rebound being just a momentary improvement.

Still, DRAM memory chip prices increased 1-2% during the first two weeks of the month, which is a cause for good spirits as far as manufacturers are concerned.

If there is any impact on the prices of modules and kits, it will be negligible.

Currently, 2 GB and 4 GB DDR3 modules sell for $8.90 / 6.71-8.90 Euro and $15.50 / 11.69-15.50 Euro, on average.

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