DNA Bullets Used to Tag Potential Crooks, No Killing Involved

A British security company has launched a new suspect-tracking system

Many people can be around or near the scene of a crime by the time the police gets there, and since it is sometimes impossible, not to mention impractical, to arrest everyone or take them all to the station for questioning, an alternative is needed.

Usually, police officers take the names and contact information of everyone potentially linked to a crime.

British security company Selectamark has decided to make it easier to tie suspects to those scenes, so it has invented the SelectaDNA High Velocity System pistols and rifles.

Basically, these weapons fire non-lethal pellets that mark the target with DNA traces that can later be identified.

It is a way of “tagging” people who might have had something to do with whatever burglary, murder or other felony being investigated.

Each DNA pellet weighs 1 gram and can accurately hit a target from a distance of up to 30-40 meters / 98-131 feet.

The DNA marks are said to be invisible and harmless, but their traces will stay on targets for weeks. They share the same code and come in packs of 14.


DNA Bullet Gun (2 Images)

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