DEFT Linux 7 Is Based on Lubuntu 11.10

The distro has support for USB 3 and Linux kernel 3.0

By Marius Nestor on February 1st, 2012 12:31 GMT

After months of hard work, the DEFT Linux team proudly announced that the final and stable version of the DEFT Linux 7 operating system is now available for download.

DEFT Linux 7 is the first Linux distribution able to perform Computer Forensics, Network Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Cyber ​​Intelligence and Incident Response.

"Due to lack of time it was not possible to complete the user manual, therefore it will be released next week. For the same reason we weren’t able to integrate the whole Cyber ​​Intelligence section and neither were we able to publish the new site website which will be online by the end of march 2012." - was stated in the release announcement.

Highlights of DEFT Linux 7:

· Based on Lubuntu 11.10;
· Linux kernel 3.0.0-12;
· Support for USB 3;
· Installable DVD image;
· Wine 1.3.28
· Autopsy 2.24;
· Digital Forensic Framework 1.2;
· PTK Forensic 1.0.5 DEFT edition;
· Hunchbackeed Foremost 0.6;
· KeepNote 0.7.6;
· Emule Forensic 1.0;
· Bulk Extractor 1.1;
· Findwild 1.3;
· Scalpel 2;
· Xplico 0.7.1;
· Mobius Forensic;
· Maltego CE;
· TSK 3.2.3;
· Afflib 3.6.14;
· Libewf 20100226;
· Pyflag;
· Dropbox Reader;
· Guymager 0.6.3-1;
· Dhash 2;
· Cyclone wizard acquire tool;
· iPhone analyzer;
· iPhone backup analyzer;
· SQLite Database Browser 2.0 Beta 1;
· BitPim 1.0.7;
· Bbwhatsapp database converter;
· Reggripper;
· Creepy 0.1.9;
· Ipddump;
· Hydra 7.1;
· Log2timeline 0.60.
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DEFT Linux

About DEFT Linux

DEFT stands for Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit and is a Linux-based Live CD operating system for disk, network and cell forensics activities. It is a customized version of the Lubuntu operating system from Canonical.

DEFT offers an excellent support for modern hardware, is easy to use and includes top-notch, open source applications designed for computer forensics tasks. DEFT is also available for USB disks.

Download DEFT Linux 7 right now from Softpedia.
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