DEFT Linux 6 Available Now with Linux Kernel 2.6.35

DEFT Linux 6 is now available for download. The latest update to the forensic and recovery Linux distribution comes with a new kernel and a plethora of updates including to the main software lineup, Sleuthkit, Autopsy, Dhash and so on.

But DEFT Linux 6 also comes with some more exiting new features. One of the biggest is the inclusion of Windows computer forensic tools which run in DEFT 6 using Wine.

"DEFT 6 is based on Lubuntu with Kernel 2.6.35 (Linux side) and DEFT Extra 3.0 (Windows side) with the best freeware Computer Forensic tools; it is a new concept of Computer Forensic live system, ewflib ready, that use WINE for run Windows Computer Forensics tools under Linux," Stefano Fratepietro announced.

Another great addition for the users of the five-year-old distro, is the first release of full documentation for the project. It's only available in Italian for now, but translations for English, Spanish and Chinese are on their way.

DEFT Linux 6 is also the first release to fully support Mac OS X systems as well as for logical volume manager. USB3 support has been built in also.

Highlights of DEFT Linux 6:

· Linux kernel 2.6.35;

· Sleuthkit 3.2.0;

· Autopsy 2.24;

· Xplico 0.6.1;

· Dhash 2.0.1;

· Guymager 0.5.7;

· FTK Imager 3;

· Digital Forensic Framework 0.9;

· Xmount 0.4.4 now included;

· Mount_ewf utility now included;

· ISO MD5 file check now fixed.

About DEFT Linux

DEFT stands for Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit and is a Linux-based Live CD operating system for disk, network and cell forensics activities. It is a customized version of the Lubuntu operating system from Canonical.

DEFT offers an excellent support for modern hardware, is easy to use and includes top-notch, open source applications designed for computer forensics tasks. DEFT is also available for USB disks.

DEFT Linux 6 is available for download here on Softpedia.

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