DDoS Attack Targets Russian Embassy Website

Hacktivists protest to the visit of Prime Minister David Cameron to Moscow

Just before Prime Minister David Cameron's first visit to Moscow, the website belonging to the Embassy Of The Russian Federation in London was taken down by hackers.

Embassy representatives stated that "Prior to the visit of Prime Minister David Cameron to Russia, the website of the Russian Embassy in London was brought down by a suspected DDoS attack."

It seems as the attack was launched in sign of protest to the upcoming visit, which comes after a 5-year break in which no British leader went to Moscow, as a result of the controversial murder of Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian spy and regime critic.

According to Tech Eye, this looks like the doing of UK hacktivists who don't like the idea of improvement in the relationship between the two countries.

After the radioactive polonium poisoning of Litvinenko, the connections between Russia and the United Kingdom grew cold, especially after Kremlin refused to hand over the number one suspect in this case, an ex-KGB bodyguard.

A quick look on the embassy’s Twitter account tells us that the internet site began experiencing difficulties on September 10 when the message “Our website is currently experiencing problems, hope it will soon be fixed,“ was posted.

Followers were redirected to the institution's blog where they could read all the latest news and soon after the site was made functional again.

Only after the second time the official page was hit, users were told about the emergency mirror site, set up especially for the Prime Minister's visit. The webmasters foresaw a considerable increase in traffic so they've placed the information on a secondary location.

Currently, both websites are up and running and no further incidents have been reported. As a matter of fact, 48 minutes before this post was made, the same Twitter account informed us that “Medvedev and Cameron begin talks in Kremlin.“

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