DDR3 RAM Prices to Rise After February 10

The Chinese Lunar New Year period will be followed by a rebound

Memory prices fell for years, but they stabilized in late 2012 and have since begun to rise, slowly, because of the decision on the part of manufacturers to cut their production capacity.

So far, the year 2013 hasn't shown much further change in this area, though module prices did climb in January. This will change once the February 10-17 period comes and goes though.

That is the date of the Chinese Lunar New Year, and it is always surrounded by a period of technological and marketing lethargy that the whole world seems to pick up on to an extent or another.

It is otherwise known as the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday. It will last from February 9 to February 16.

DDR4 RAM will likely go up by 10% in price, or so reports say. Currently, they hover at around $18 on average (13.30 Euro).

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