DC Universe Online Game Update 10 Now Available

The game has been patched both on the PC and PlayStation 3 platforms

Sony Online Entertainment has just deployed a brand new patch for DC Universe Online, in the form of Game Update 10 that’s already available on the PC and PlayStation 3 platforms, bringing plenty of new things, including an overhauled On Duty user interface.

DC Universe Online gained a massive boost in popularity last year when it became a free-to-play experience, allowing anyone to try out its superhero adventures without paying a monthly subscription.

After adding new features like the Research and Development crafting system, and celebrating the game’s 1-year anniversary, Sony has now added quite a few new things through DC Universe Online’s Game Update 10.

Chief among these new things is the overhauled user interface for the On Duty segment, which is now similar to the current Mission Journal.

Besides the new UI, lots of problems were fixed and plenty of modifications were made to a variety of systems, so check out some of the most important ones below.

New On Duty UI!

In order to provide our players with a better experience when queuing for content, we have re-designed our On Duty UI to be more like the layout of our Mission Journal. Beyond just being familiar, players now have greater control and visibility when queuing.

The new On Duty UI provides players with better feedback! For example, if a player is queuing and does not meet the requirements for the specific content, the On Duty UI now displays messaging as to what criteria the player does not meet. In addition, players now see the status of group members, and will be notified if a member of the party does not meet requirements.

Character Background Selection!

Legendary players and players that have purchased at least one DLC pack will have the option to change their Character Selection Background on the Character Select Screen!

Research and Development:

Harvesting Exobytes while in a group should no longer cause a group roll. If you are the harvester you will receive the harvested materials.


Players will no longer be able to roll NEED on an item if they are unable to wear it.

The vending machines in Little Bohemia are no longer targetable.

Character list scrolling works properly now.

Some Paradox Ruptures have been closed and re-opened elsewhere to avoid interrupting players participating in other content.

Stat buffs applied from one trinket will no longer stack with the same stat from another trinket. Corrected a number of inconsistencies with trinkets buffing stats with incorrect tier values.


DLC items in the marketplace should no longer be marked incorrectly as "Purchased" if your inventory is full.


South Gotham: With Brainiac consolidating his forces, and moving them into the bottles, Captain Cold and Cyborg no longer have daily missions for Villains or Heroes.

Party Time!: Fixed an issue that could cause the fight to break for higher level villains preventing them from completing the end sequence with Harley Quinn.

Hot Dog Zombie: Fixed a minor typo in the Mission Journal.

Garden of Eat Em!: Female citizens will no longer slide during this mission.


General: The following abilities now apply the "Crushed" effect on their targets: Thought Bubble, Stasis Field, Entrap, Grasping Hand, Deep Freeze, Carnivorous Plants, and Harvest.

Sorcery: Soul Well when used in the Damage role now correctly applies a critical hit chance buff to friendly targets within range when enemies are KOd.

Super Speed: Phase Dodge game effects have been updated to behave more closely to the standard Block ability and its counter effect is now resistible.

Staff: The progress bar has been removed from Martial Flowers, Launching Roundhouse Combo and Leaping Overhead Strike Combo. This means that canceling these attacks with a super power will no longer cause a loss of damage.

Two Handed: The Current Effects menu tooltip display for the Two Handed Weapon Critical Damage bonus will now display properly.

Martial Arts: The Current Effects menu tooltip display for the Martial Arts Weapon Critical Damage bonus will now display properly.

Gadgets: The damage prevention effect of Clown Box will now properly overwrite damage prevention effects from Neural Neutralizer and Hide.

Acrobatics: You may now control your height while using Rocket Assisted Glide by gesturing the movement controls forward or backward.

Acrobatics: Significantly increased the activation distance of Glide Line.

You can check out more details about the new game update for DC Universe Online here. The patch is already live across its servers and will be automatically downloaded the next time you start it up.

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