Cybercriminals Steal the Details of Users Who Want to Criminalize the Syrian Regime

In December, Symantec experts found a clever phishing website

A lot of people are against the current Syrian regime, which they accuse of murdering innocent people. Cybercriminals have been relying on this in an effort to steal the email account credentials of users who support the Syrian opposition. 

Back in December, Symantec experts identified a phishing website which asked users whether they wanted to criminalize the Syrian regime.

Those who voted against the regime were requested to log into their email accounts in order to cast the vote.

Victims weren’t actually logging in to their accounts. Instead, they were handing over their email address and its associated password to the cybercrooks.

To make everything more legitimate-looking, the phishing site displayed an acknowledgement page, informing users that the voting process was successful.

Considering that a large number of internauts would like nothing more than to see the Syrian regime punished for its deeds, it’s likely that the campaign has been highly successful for the cybercriminals.

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