Cybercriminals Steal $40,000 from First United Church

The church is located in Ladysmith, British Colombia, Canada

A total of $40,000 (30,000 EUR) have been stolen by cybercriminals from the bank account of First United Church, a religious organization located in Ladysmith, British Colombia, Canada. 

According to, the church’s representatives noticed that money was missing from their bank account over Christmas. They reported the theft on December 27, but an additional sum of money was taken after that.

CTV Vancouver Island reports that a total of six withdrawals were made over a period of ten days.

It appears that the attackers managed to gain access to the bank account after hacking into a church employee’s home computer.

Authorities are now trying to locate the culprits based on their IP addresses, but they believe the attack originated “down East.”

Investigators say this appears to be an isolated incident, but they do advise organizations to make sure that they protect their passwords and other sensitive information as best as they can in order to avoid unfortunate situations.

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