Cybercriminals Distribute Ransomlock Ransomware via the Impact Exploit Kit

Symantec experts have noticed a global spike in the number of infections

Over the past week, Symantec experts have noticed a spike in the number of ransomware infections. The malware responsible for the spike is Trojan.Ransomlock.Y, which has been spotted on computers from all over the world. 

Cybercriminals have set up the Impact exploit kit on several adult websites. The crime kit is utilized to push Ransomlock onto the machines of those who visit the sites in question.

At the end of 2012, security firms predicted that in 2013 we would likely see an upswing in ransomware activity and, it appears, their predictions were right.

However, experts once again urge victims not to pay up since there are no guarantees that their computer will be unlocked after the payment is made.

Furthermore, internauts who pay the ransom will likely be targeted in other cybercriminal campaigns as well.

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