Cybercrime Investigators Help Russian Authorities Arrest DDOS Botnet Master

A 24-year-old individual has been arrested while preparing to launch a new attack

Russian cybercrime investigation firm and security solutions provider Group-IB has helped local authorities identify a man suspected of providing DDOS services with the aid of a botnet called “Dragon,” ZeroSecurity informs.

Group-IB has learned of the botnet master after being contacted by a company whose systems were under attack back in September. After investigating the attack, they’ve managed to pinpoint the location of the cybercriminal.

They found that the DDOS services he had been providing were utilized to disrupt the operation of several Russian companies, but also of ones from the United Kingdom.

When police raided the 24-year-old’s home, he was getting ready to launch a DDOS attack on the website of a major industrial organization.

The suspect only charged $100 (80 EUR) to take down a website for an entire day, but the damage he caused to banks, online stores and other organizations is believed to sum up to hundreds of thousands of Russian rubles.

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