Cyberattacks Could Compromise Ability of UK Armed Forces to Operate

The United Kingdom’s Defence Committee has released a report on cyber security

According to a report published today by the United Kingdom’s Defence Committee on cyber security, cyberattacks could “fatally compromise” the ability of the Armed Forces to operate. That’s because the Armed Forces are dependent on information and communication technology.

Over the past period, many countries have started focusing on cyber security, not only to defend their critical infrastructures against attacks, but also to increase their offensive capabilities. UK officials stress that the government should seriously consider implementing the mechanisms needed to address cyber issue.

“We have asked the Government to set out details of the contingency plans it has in place should such an attack occur. If it has none, it should say so – and urgently create some,” Chair of the Committee, Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP, explained.

Arbuthnot highlights the fact that it’s important to consider the implications of cyberattacks for UK defense and security, especially since cyberspace is constantly changing.

The official has noted that this area requires “increased ministerial attention” and that the government needs to ensure that policies, mechanisms and people – which take into account all aspects of cyberspace – need to be put in place.

The committee welcomes the government’s initiative to “foster a vibrant and innovative cyber security sector” in the country and the Ministry of Defence’s role in delivering offensive and defensive capabilities.

“The opportunity created by cyber tools and techniques to enhance the military capabilities of our Armed Forces is clear. We want to see the MoD explore this thoroughly,” the Chair said.

“For this reason, we support the use of National Cyber Security Programme funding to develop these capabilities, but also wish to be assured that the MoD will maintain its investment in existing defence intelligence services which provide a vital UK cross-government capability.”

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