CyberPowerPC and ASUS Announce Gaming PCs with Windows 8

They will ship as soon as Microsoft gives the go sign to the OS

We've already seen some gaming PCs emerging, in anticipation of the Windows 8 launch, and now we have two more to talk about, courtesy of CyberPowerPC and ASUS' Republic of Gamers team.

ASUS product bears the name of Tytan and packs all its hardware inside a case shaped like a polygon and featuring built-in indicators that glow either blue or red, depending on which overclocking mode is active.

The Intel Core i7-3770K normally works at 3.9 GHz (blue), but the Turbo Gear function will push all the four cores to 4.2 GHz when enabled (red).

That said, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2 GB GDDR5 graphics card acts as the pair of the CPU, while a customizable RAM amount and a 128 GB SATA3 SSD maximize system speed (an HDD is present, but the much faster SSD stores the most often used files). The Xonar DX sound card is part of the spec sheet as well.

Unfortunately, ASUS did not say what the price of the Tytan would be when shipments started, later this month.

At least CyberPowerPC decided to cover this tiny detail when it released the Zeus Storm: $1,460 / 1,460 Euro. That is only the starting sum, of course. Better hardware will naturally lead to higher price tags.

At any rate, there are three versions of the Zeus Storm. One uses the same CPU as above (Zeus Storm 2000), one gets the AMD FX-8150 Bulldozer 8-core chip (Zeus Storm 1000) and the third has a Core i7-3820 (Zeus Storm 3000).

Godly NVIDIA and AMD graphics” can be selected, along with equally high-tier memory and storage capabilities, plus “a host of performance peripherals.”

As for overclocking, CyberPowerPC doesn't offer the same one-touch OC as ASUS, but it does ship the systems as "extreme OC" ready, meaning that they have 20% extra CPU performance by default.

Zeus Storm 1000, 2000 and 3000 will ship for $1,460 / 1,460 Euro, $1,682 / 1,682 Euro and $1,943 / 1,943 Euro, respectively.


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