CyberPowerPC Gaming Systems Also Get NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan

The company is joining the club started by Digital Storm and Maingear

NVIDIA released the GeForce GTX Titan graphics card yesterday, which, naturally, led to the upgrade of several custom-built, branded gaming systems. It seems the release deluge has not concluded yet.

We've covered the Maingear SHIFT and the computer from Digital Storm (Bolt). CyberPowerPC has now revealed that its Fang III and Zeus systems, as well as the Gamer Xtreme and Ultra series custom computers, will be able to pair their third-generation Intel Core processors with the mighty video board from NVIDIA.

The starting price of these PCs will be $1,699 / 1,265-1,699 Euro.

We should mention that people thinking of buying either of the aforementioned gaming PCs will have the option of 3-way SLI (multi-GPU).

There can even be strange hardware combinations, like an AMD FX CPU platform instead of an Intel X79 or Z77.

Furthermore, the new systems will have what is known as an advanced hydro 2 liquid cooling kit, which will handle both the CPU and the graphics card (or cards if more than one is bought).

On that high note, NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology is, naturally, supported, as is 3D Vision Surround.

CyberPowerPC decided to especially mention the GPU Boost 2.0 Technology, which can dynamically overclock the Titan and even change the voltage. More details on that can be found in out comparison between the GPU Boost 2.0 and GPU Boost 1.0 (GPU temperature target, overclocking, and unlocked voltage).

Needless to say, liquid cooling, Solid-State Drives, Hard Disk Drives, Blu-ray drives, performance gaming memory, gaming peripherals, even business and productivity software can be added, removed or otherwise customized when making an order.

Overall, CyberPowerPC has prepared everything it needed to serve the so-called new class of gaming PCs that GeForce GTX Titan created: the Gaming Supercomputer with an “ultimate combination of power, performance, efficiency, control, and acoustics.”

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