Cyber-Arms Race Will Escalate in 2013, Experts Say

Panda Security has released its predictions for the year to come

With the end of 2013 approaching fast, most security solutions providers are rushing to publish their predictions for the year to come. One interesting prediction is made by Panda Security, which believes that next year, the cyber-arms race will escalate even more.

Experts have often warned that the involvement of governments and state-sponsored hackers drastically change the threat landscape, especially now that leading nations are creating cyber commandos capable of both offensive and defensive operations.

Numerous state-sponsored cyberattacks have been recorded over the past year, including in the Middle East, where armed conflicts are accompanied by battles carried out in cyberspace.

Panda highlights the fact that, in many cases, the attacks are not carried out by the national governments themselves, but by patriotic citizens who feel that it’s their obligation to defend their country by attacking neighbors.

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