CyanogenMod Brings Android to HP TouchPad, Video Available

HP might have announced that they planned on killing off the HP TouchPad business, but enthusiasts would just not leave the tablet PC die.

An Android port for the device is now under development, and should soon offer users the possibility to run Google's mobile operating system on it.

The TouchPad was designed with the webOS platform on it, but it seems that it would be able to run the Android OS pretty nicely too.

Coming from CyanogenMod, the first port for the TouchPad brought along the Android 2.3.5 mobile operating system on the device, though it appears that there are some issues that still need to be solved.

According to some of the first reports on the matter, the touchscreen driver is one of the issues at the moment, but it should not be too long before a solution is found for it.

Some more info on how things look at the moment can be found on the video below, though there is no telling on how fast things will evolve towards a release of this port.

For the time being, the team says that they are focused on solving issues that prevent the Android port from being completely usable on the device, such as the aforementioned touchscreen driver.

CyanogenMod warned that it might take a long while before they manage to accomplish their goal, so enthusiasts will have to put their patience to the test for the time being.

As stated above, the port is based on Android 2.3.5, the platform version that was aimed mainly at smartphones, and not tablet PCs.

Without a source code for the Honeycomb OS flavor, it will take even longer before the TouchPad sees an Android 3.0 port, though things might become reality in this area as well.

For the time being, those who might have been dreaming of loading Android on their TouchPad devices should have a look at the video below to learn more on what it is all about at the moment. Stay tuned for more info on the matter.  (via)

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