Customer Finds Human Tooth in Supermarket Sausage

Tesco does not take responsibility for the presence of the foreign body in their product

Tony Hinds of Sheerness, Kent, in the UK has purchased a pack of sausages branded Tesco Finest British Pork & Chive, finding something other than the finest pork inside.

As his fiancée Lauren Gooch opened the packaging, she uncovered a human tooth lodged in one of the sausages. When he complained to the supermarket chain, Hinds received a £25 (€29 / $39) giftcard.

“We haven't been back to Tesco since except for when I've been to complain about finding this tooth.

“It's not about the compensation. I want some reasonable acknowledgement of what it was.

“I'm not a greedy person but at the end of the day, a £25 giftcard for a human tooth is not acceptable,” he recalls for Daily Mail.

When he insisted, Tesco reps admitted that there was indeed a “piece of bone” in the sausages. Unsatisfied by their description of the foreign object, Hinds asked them to acknowledge that the piece of bone was, in fact, a tooth.

They eventually did so, but went on to claim that the tooth was not inside the sausage in the first place.

“We are sorry for any upset caused by this incident. However, after a thorough investigation, we are confident the tooth was not inside the product when it arrived at the store,” a spokesperson wrote.

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