Cupertino STAR Award Goes to Steve Jobs

City Chamber invites Michael Foulkes to accept the award

Steve Jobs never liked awards much, especially those directed at him. Michael Foulkes, Apple's senior manager for state and local government affairs, recalled this aspect as he accepted an award Saturday on behalf of the late visionary genius.

The Cupertino Chamber’s annual STAR (Service Teamwork Achievement Recognition) Award is an annual event that recognizes outstanding community, performance, service and leadership.

Saturday's 55th annual Star Awards ceremony was held at Cypress Hotel.

"I forgot I was going to see a video of Steve, which is always hard to see," said Michael Foulkes. "So, thank you Chamber of Commerce for this award. Steve hated awards, especially awards about him so I'm going to be very quick.”

“We all miss him so much here, but, um, he believed that technology was a mental bicycle and that's all it was; nothing more, nothing less. It should make each of us be better than we are. He always followed that and the company still follows that, and hopefully will follow it for generations to come,” he said.

“So Steve lives in all of us. Those who worked with him miss him dearly but he lives in our hearts. All of you who have a device at home or in your pockets, hopefully that is your mental bicycle and make you be a better person than you are,” he added.

Foulkes also weighed in on the Apple 2 campus designed by Steve Jobs himself, saying, “Steve designed this campus as a product. You'll be very excited as it comes to fruition. It's something that is an engineering marvel that will rival any building on the planet and something that Steve, up till the end made sure was going to be a lasting legacy for Cupertino of Apple. So thank you in Steve's honor for this award,” Foulkes said.

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