Cult Musician Wilko Johnson Is Dying but Euphoric Reuters

Musician and “Game of Thrones” star says he no longer fears death – just ill health

Wilko Johnson, star of “Game of Thrones” and Dr Feelgood musician, has less than a year to live but he’s feeling slightly euphoric at the thought. He no longer fears death, the stars admits in a new interview with Reuters.

Johnson announced last month that he’d been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the pancreas, with his manager saying he had no plans to undergo treatment.

Instead, the star would continue with his ongoing projects, which include a new album and a new tour.

The only thing he still has to worry about at this point, Johnson says, is not to get sick before a show.

“It makes you feel so alive,” the star says of his cancer diagnosis.

“Just walking down the street, man, everything looks really intense. Any little thing you look at, it almost gives you a kind of childlike consciousness,” he adds.

“I'm a miserable so-and-so. I suffer from depression and everything ... but all that stuff whatever it was I used to worry about – it doesn't matter. What's gone, what is and what will be, do not matter,” Johnson explains.

He wants to have his health for as much as possible, so that he can complete the tour and keep the promise he made to his fans.

“I'm not going on stage sick. I'm not going to have someone pushing me around in a wheelchair. They'd have to push fast,” he jokes.

Johnson made headlines around the world when he announced he would not undergo treatment for cancer; many took that as the ultimate sign of dignity and class, especially since he also said he would continue working as long as his health allowed it.

The 65-year-old musician has also earned praise and fans for his work as an actor. Most recently, he was seen on the hit series “Game of Thrones,” on which he plays the mute executioner Ilyn Payne.

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