Cubical Aluminum Cases from Abee Ready to House Small PCs

There are two of them, one for mini-ITX and one for micro-ATX motherboards

Abee has its latest cases almost ready to start shipping, though it won't have them available in any places besides Japan, not that we can see right now at least.

The two enclosures are called ACubic CP330 and ACubic CP730.

The former is made for mini-ITX motherboards, like the one ASRock has just revealed. The latter is for micro-ATX motherboards.

The CP330 measures 229 x 249 x 229 mm (9.01 x 9.80 x 9.01 inches) and has a front 120mm fan, space for a 92mm back fan and one 3.5-inch drive bay (also good for 2.5-inch), plus a 5.25-inch ODD bay.

The CP730 is, obviously, larger, at 269 x 318 x 249 mm (10.59 x 12.51 x 9.80 inches). It has three 3.5/2.5-inch bays, one 5.25-inch bay and space for 270 mm graphics cards, plus 75mm cooling fans.

No prices have been revealed, though Abee did say there would be 2-tone front panels (Black x Black, Black x Silver, and Silver x Silver).


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