Cuba Slams Call of Duty: Black Ops Over Castro Assassination Mission

Cuba's state-run media outlets have begun slamming Activision's brand new Call of Duty: Black Ops game, over one of the first missions that tasks players with assassinating Cuban president Fidel Castro.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the most anticipated games of the year, delivering an immersive experience set in the heat of the Cold War, back in the 1960s and 1970s.

The game starts with its protagonist, Alex Mason, being tasked with killing Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro.

As you can imagine, Cuba hasn't been too happy with the virtual assassination attempt on its beloved president, and its online media outlet, Cubadebate, has slammed the game over its content.

"What the United States couldn't accomplish in more than 50 years, they are now trying to do virtually," writes the outlet about the Castro assassination attempt.

The website also says that the title is extremely bad to children, as it teaches them to become sociopaths and glorifies the illegal measures taken by the U.S government at the height of the Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis.

"This new video game is doubly perverse," the Cubadebate article said. "On the one hand, it glorifies the illegal assassination attempts the United States government planned against the Cuban leader ... and on the other, it stimulates sociopathic attitudes in North American children and adolescents."

It's pretty safe to say that Cuban gamers won't be getting their hands on Call of Duty: Black Ops anytime soon, given this virulent reaction.

If it's any consolation to the media outlet, the game isn't exactly too well received by regular gamers, as it is plagued by glitches and framerate issues on both the PC and the PlayStation 3, according to recent reports.

Still, even if the game might be "double perverse", rest assured that Activision will make a huge amount of money with it.

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