Crytek Working on New Online FPS

Employee LinkedIn profiles and registered Internet domain names suggest so

Evidence has been mounting that Crytek is working on a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter that may be called Kingdoms or Codename Kingdoms. The LinkedIn profiles of James Dennett, senior Information Technology manager at Crytek, and Yegor Borndar, an ex-Crytek employee, show that both of them have been working on an online FPS that has not been announced yet.

Moreover, Crytek has recently registered domain names that include the terms ‘Kingdoms’ and ‘Codename Kingdoms,’ as reported by Superannuation. Curiously, Dennet's profile has been updated as of late, saying that he worked for an MMO game for Free Radical Design and not for Crytek. This is interesting, given the fact that this comes right after various press outlets got to report the possible existence of this title.

Crytek is currently hard at work on Crysis 2, the sequel to 2007's critically acclaimed PC-exclusive FPS Crysis. This new installment will continue the story of the first title and its expansion, Warhead, and will revamp some of the gameplay elements. Players will fill the shoes of Nomad once again, this time wearing the Nanosuit 2, a redesigned version of his armor from the first Crysis.

Crytek's new FPS will use the CryEngine 3.0 and this time will be available for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, besides the PC, because the two consoles can handle this new engine, as opposed to the CryEngine 2.0, which was barely handled by high-end gaming PCs. It will take place in a new setting, New York, a new type of jungle, as the developer has called it. Crytek is promising even more freedom of choice, tactical and diverse gameplay and better performance for PC owners. The game is set to be launched in December this year on all three platforms.

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