Crytek Wants to Involve Fans in Homefront 2 Development

The game creation process was not affected by THQ auction

Developer Crytek is the new owner of the Homefront franchise and the company says that development of the second game in the series is only minimally affected by the problems that former owner THQ faced and that a 2015 launch is still possible.

Nick Button-Brown, who is the general manager of games development at Crytek, tells VG247 that, “Crytek’s focus is fairly similar to THQ’s -namely to make the best game possible so this will not have too much impact on the development itself. However, we might change the release date that we haven’t announced, and move this to another release date we won’t announce yet either.”

Homefront 2 is being created by the United Kingdom Crytek studio and the executive says that early looks at the game have shown impressive quality.

Button-Brown adds, “we wanted to buy the IP to make sure the team can finish off the game they wish to make. But we always have and will believe in the potential of the IP. This is why we agreed to work on it in the first place, so it’s now beneficial for us to have control over the IP’s destiny.”

It seems that Crytek is also thinking about changing the way Homefront 2 is being developed, aiming to bring fans into the process and listen to their feedback.

At the moment, the company is focusing on getting the deal with THQ done and will then announce their future plans and how the fan base for the first game will feature in them.

The first Homefront was launched during 2011 and was created by Kaos Studios.

The shooter has imagined a near future in which North Korea has managed to attack and occupy sections of the United States.

The sequel is designed to continue the story, but significantly upgrade all the game mechanics.

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