Crytek Has Plenty of Ideas for Crysis 4

The studio wants to give the dev team some time off and then start work on a sequel

Crysis 3 is getting ready to be released later this month and Crytek already has plans for the next installment in the franchise, which might not even be a first-person shooter.

Crytek has impressed millions of fans from all around the world by delivering some great shooters through its Crysis franchise.

Now, ahead of the release of Crysis 3, Producer Mike Read has talked about the next installment in the series, in the form of much-rumored Crysis 4.

According to Read, work on the game is still in the early stages, as the studio wants to give the team some time to relax before creating the next big thing.

"We’re still at very early stages with things," Read told VG247. "We’re just literally getting gold status on Crysis 3 right now, so we wanted to give the guys a bit of a break, have them come back fresh, and have them start looking at what’s going to happen next."

"But I think we have a lot of room left in the franchise. We have a lot of directions that we can go. [Crytek CEO] Cevat Yerli has said it himself. We have a lot of ideas. His brain is always working. So, we’ll get there."

What's more, Read emphasized the strength of the Crysis franchise, saying that even if the team decides not to focus on protagonist Prophet, there are still plenty of stories to tell within the universe and some might not even be shooters.

"We’ve built such a strong franchise that – this is not the end of Crysis in general or the end of the series. There are still stories inside the Crysis universe. We have so many different ways we can go."

"Will it be an FPS? I have no idea. That’s up to the designers, and when we have something to announce we’ll definitely talk more about that."

Crysis 3 is out on February 19, in North America, and February 22, in Europe and the rest of the world for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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