Crystal Harris Tries to Pawn Engagement Ring from Hugh Hefner

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but not necessarily so if they’re worth $90,000 because then, a girl may be more tempted to part with them. Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner’s ex-fiancée, is trying to pawn the engagement ring she got to keep.

As we also informed you some days ago, she initially went back to the Playboy Mansion to give Hugh the ring back, after calling off the wedding just 5 days before it took place.

In a gesture of ultimate generosity, Hef let Crystal keep the ring, telling her she could do whatever she wanted with it.

Apparently, what she wants is to sell it off and get her hands on the money, TMZ reports: Crystal Harris hit a pawnshop in San Diego to get the bauble appraised.

“Crystal Harris is angling to cash in on the $90,000 engagement ring Hugh Hefner slipped on her finger... with a little help from a San Diego jewelry store,” TMZ writes.

It even has a photo of Crystal in the store, as she’s talking to a clerk about the ring in question, trying to get an appraisal.

Things didn’t go as she planned, though, the e-zine says.

“The owner asked Harris if there was any documentation on the quality of the ring (cut, clarity, etc.,) but the playmate was in the dark. So Crystal called over to the Playboy Mansion – on speaker phone – for info on the ring,” TMZ writes.

“The person on the other end of the line offered to fax Crystal the info – but not immediately – so Crystal left,” the media outlet adds.

And there’s more to this story: apparently, TMZ also has confirmation that Crystal and Hefner’s engagement was a hoax from the start, as many speculated when she announced she wouldn’t be marrying him as scheduled.

“Our spy overheard the owner telling Crystal he was sorry to hear about Hef, to which Crystal replied, ‘Are you kidding? It was all for publicity’,” TMZ writes.

In all fairness, they did get more publicity with the breakup than they would have gotten with the wedding: Crystal is now trying to launch a music career, while Hefner is reportedly in talks for a show about getting dumped (almost) at the altar.

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