Cryptome Email, Website and Twitter Account Hacked

The repository's representatives say this was expected

Cryptome ( – the popular repository for information about freedom of speech, cryptography, spying and surveillance – has been hacked. 

According to a statement posted on the site’s main page, on February 12, the attackers have managed to breach the website, email and Twitter (@cryptomeorg) accounts.

Cryptome’s owners have managed to restore the website and the email, but the Twitter account still appears to be controlled by the hackers. As a result, a new Twitter account has been created, @cryptome_org.

The site’s representatives have said that this was expected.

Judging by the posts from the compromised Twitter account, the cybercriminals behind this breach are “RuXpIn and SaBu ~KrYoGeNiKs.”

This is not the first time when Cryptome falls victim to hackers. The site was hacked on several occasions in the past.

Interestingly, the last breach occurred precisely one year ago. At the time, attackers planted a malicious script on the website in an attempt to infect users with malware.

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