Crusader Kings II for Linux Receives a Generous Patch

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By on June 12th, 2013 21:36 GMT

Crusader Kings II, a game that challenges the player to lead a country during the Dark Ages, has received a new important patch, bringing a ton of changes.

Crusader Kings II might look like a turn-based strategy, but it's in fact a real time strategy that can be posed. It shares some features with Europa Universalis, but for all intended purposes it's a unique game.

Highlights of Crusader Kings II latest patch:

• A "Retract Vassal" interaction has been added;
• The destruction of non-titular titles under Gavelkind has been disallowed;
• Lots of portrait fixes have been implemented from the "CK2 Portrait Fixes" mod by zebez;
• The random CoA colors and color choices have been adjusted;
• Livonia now has the correct pagan flag.

More details about the changes and about the game can be found on the official Steam Crusader Kings II website.