Crusader Kings II Released on Steam for Linux with New Features

A new version of the game is now available from Steam

Crusader Kings II, a game that challenges the player to lead a country during the Dark Ages, has been launched on Steam for Linux, along with the myriad of DLCs.

Crusader Kings II might look like a turn-based strategy, but it's in fact a real time strategy that can be posed. It shares some features with Europa Universalis, but for all intended purposes it's a unique game.

According to the developers from Paradox Interactive, it explores one of the defining periods in world history in an experience crafted by the masters of Grand Strategy. Medieval Europe is brought to life in this epic game of knights, schemes, and thrones.

Along with the launch of Crusader Kings II on Steam for Linux, the game also benefits from a hefty patch which addresses a lot of problems and adds new features.

Highlights of Crusader Kings II 1.09:

• Merchant Republic gameplay (Duke or higher tier Republics with a coastal capital) has been implemented;

• A 'Grant Independence' diplomatic interaction has been added;

• Titles can now automatically change name depending on the culture of their top liege;

• The Reign length opinion modifiers are now dependent on how long a character has been the liege of someone, not how long the primary title has been held;

• The maximum demesne size has been reduced from the ruler tier, especially for Dukes;

• More mercenary bands have been added: Finns, Lapps, Abyssinians, Nubians, Lithuanians, Scots, Irish and Alans;

• A bug with religions that have become or stopped being heresies not being correctly reset on reload has been fixed;

• A hidden event that clears diplomatic immunity from faction members, if the faction leader dies while waiting for the liege response to an ultimatum, has been fixed;

• When forming the Roman Empire, de jure assimilation into the Byzantine Empire is now carried over.

More details about the changes and about the game can be found on the official Steam Crusader Kings II website.

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