Crusader Kings II: Legacy of Rome Gets First Screenshots

The game will allow players to have a better Byzantine experience

By on August 30th, 2012 08:29 GMT

Paradox Interactive has released the first screenshots linked to the Legacy of Rome expansion for Crusader Kings II, showing off the various new gameplay elements that will be added to the grand strategy title.

Legacy of Rome is designed to focus on the Byzantine Empire and the screenshots themselves feature characters from that faction and the areas where they are most likely to expand their empire.

Legacy of Rome will add a number of new events and decisions for the faction, designed to give history buffs more flavor and more options.

The expansion will also introduce a new standing armies system, better coordination between rebelling vassals, streamlined mobilization for armies, a new ambition to self-improve for rulers, more relevance for general traits and skills and a new faction system for all kingdoms.

Legacy of Rome will be launched during the final quarter of the year and will only be offered via digital distribution services.

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